Design Process

Wisnowski Design’s reclaimed furniture line prides itself in preserving the historic imprints of figured reclaimed wood. Our craftsmen bring new life to this natural medium with innovative furniture designs. Each in-stock or custom-ordered item is unique, with its own distinct characteristics. All pieces are designed to accentuate the natural details of the wood and other materials.

We understand the importance of being involved in the design process. Our experts will meet and consult with your design team, offering our knowledge of how reclaimed wood can be integrated into your projects. For those who are in need of full design services, we welcome your concepts and will work with your team to make them a reality.


When designing, what are the top three points you keep close to the process?

  1. Shape has emotion: Round is warm, squares are territorial and triangles are powerful.
  2. Expectations are the mind killer.
  3. Function before design. I can always make something look cool, but I can’t always make something that looks cool function well.

Is there one piece or project that you designed in your career so far that you have a particular fondness for?

The table tops from pickle barrels.

What does collaborative design look like at Wisnowski Design?

When designing with others, it’s important to respect each other’s input. Most stupid ideas are really just misunderstood.

What is on the next horizon for Wisnowski Design?

When you reach into the darkness and bring the new into the light, it’s hard to predict. Hopefully we will find out together.

What would be your dream project to design?

A project that is so successful that I can take some time off to play my music.